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Creative Marketing Solutions

Connecting Cannabis brands and their consumers

Who We Are

Cannabis Carte is the premier direct marketing group serving the East Coast's Cannabis Industry.  We work one-on-one with brands to offer catered marketing solutions, with the goal of expanding brand awareness.  Our team of marketing and event specialists bring years of industry experience and always operate professionally and compliantly while representing your brand.  

Our Mission

Cannabis Carte's mission is to help break the stigma around cannabis through education and exposure.  Cannabis Carte is an equal opportunity employer and we strive to hire within the communities that we operate with the purpose of growing local economies.  We work with businesses to help them grow and expand their brand presence to create diversity in the market.  

Our Values

  • Education - We believe that education is key to countering fear-based misinformation and creating an informed public.  This is at the core of who we are and drives everything we do.

  • Diversity - We believe in creating a diverse industry where there is room for everyone to succeed.  The cannabis industry has a unique history, and we believe that its growth can only be possible through listening to the diverse voices who helped shape it.  We support all legalization and expungement efforts to allow fair and open access to the market.

  • Integrity - Integrity is the foundation of how of we operate.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of compliance and ethics and ensure to only work on projects that further our mission of growing a fair and diverse legal industry.

  • Community - Cannabis Carte operates with the goal of making connections within our community. We believe in connecting businesses and consumers who have shared values and goals to further the growth of the industry. 






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